FO: Hermione Everyday Socks

You know when you really want something to be finished, so you rush it and make mistakes and it ends up taking even longer? That’s the story of my second Hermione Every Sock. I had to redo the heel-flap because I hadn’t divided the stitches evenly across the two needles – but not before I’d redone the heel decreases three times because I couldn’t work out what was wrong. Then I had to redo the gusset. And the toe graft and several rows there.

All because I just wanted to be finished, so I could move onto the next pair of my August Sockathon. Maybe I shouldn’t do challenge knitting.

But anyway, they’re finished now. On to more cheerful thoughts.


The pattern is Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I loved was the ‘Slightly Modified Garter-Stitch Edged Eye of Partridge Heel Pattern’. While I have no idea what that actually means, I loved the garter edge to the heel flap, made it super easy to pick up and is nice and stable. I also really like the rate of decreases on the toe, I think I’ll use that again.


The yarn is a mystery yarn from the stupendous stash of the lovely Kat. The photos due the strange but intriguing mix of colours no justice. I would never have put those shades together, but they seem to work.


Now for some photos taken in terrible artificial light (because I’m not home during daylight hours this week) with some strange positioning (because the battery is dead in my remote release shutter). I can’t believe I have doomed myself to a month of taking photos of socks.


Right onto wind yarn for the next pair of socks!

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