Yarnalong: Vermeer and Trainland

IMG_4932For the last three weeks, I’ve been proofreading my Dad’s 80,000-word book on World War One (as well as my normal day job). As you can imagine, it doesn’t leave a lot of brain power for much else! But now, thankfully, it’s back with him and I have a respite until it’s time to typeset.

How am I rewarding myself? By doing background reading for my book! (We’re a project-heavy family). I’m currently creating a book of knitting patterns based on the Wellington train station and writing a small historical essay about what people’s experience of the train station has been like over the past eighty years. Neill Atkinson’s Trainland is the go-to book on the railways in New Zealand, so it’s a obvious starting point.

For knitting fun, I’ve cast on the Vermeer Cushion by Wilma Malcolmson (which, oddly enough, isn’t on Ravelry). It’s nice and complicated – ideal for times when you just want your brain to slow down, because you can’t think about anything but the pattern!

Check out what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the Yarnalong.

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