Let me introduce myself. My name is Kate and I’m the creator of Rosalind Craft Supplies.

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But if your name is Kate, why is it called Rosalind Craft Supplies?
In 2010, I started writing a blog about the craft beer in New Zealand. I didn’t really want to use my real name because it’s fairly common and impossible to find via Google. In searching for an appropriate pseudonym, pulled a name out of my favourite children’s book – ‘Rosalind Aymes’, so-called because she aymes to be an authoress one day.

But there aren’t any Supplies on your website?
When I first launched Rosalind Craft Supplies I sold knitting needle and crochet hook cases. With the return of full-time employment, I’ve moved to less time-consuming endeavours, namely pattern writing and commissions.

Right….how do people contact you if they have a problem with a pattern or a request for a commission?
For a problems with patterns, please feel free to ask a question on that pattern post (other crafters may have a similar question) or email me at kateljordan.gmail.com. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of knitting or crocheting, please get in touch with me via email arrange a quote.