Let me introduce myself. My name is Kate and I’m the creator of Rosalind Craft Supplies.

But if your name is Kate, why is it called Rosalind Craft Supplies?
In 2010, I started writing a blog about the craft beer in New Zealand. I didn’t really want to use my real name because it’s fairly common and impossible to find via Google. In searching for an appropriate pseudonym, pulled a name out of my favourite children’s book – ‘Rosalind Aymes’, so-called because she aymes to be an authoress one day.


But there aren’t any Supplies on your website?
When I first launched Rosalind Craft Supplies I sold knitting needle and crochet hook cases. With the return of full-time employment, I’ve moved to less time-consuming endeavours, namely pattern writing and commissions.

Right….how do people contact you if they have a problem with a pattern or a request for a commission?
For a problems with patterns, please feel free to ask a question on that pattern post (other crafters may have a similar question) or email me at kateljordan.gmail.com. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of knitting or crocheting, please get in touch with me via email arrange a quote.