Mamie Clutch

After giving my blog a whole new look, I decided it was time to give something else a makeover – the Mamie Clutch pattern.

Mamie was my very first knitting pattern, published two and a half years ago, and I’ve learnt an awful lot since then – mostly about photography! Every time I went on my projects page on Ravelry, the Mamie clutch photo made me flinch. As I also needed a small clutch, I decided it was time for a revamp. Continue reading

Perfect Fit Tea Cosy

Many tea cosy patterns are made for one size of tea pot – generally large, eight cups at least. But teapots come in many sizes and shapes (just like people!), so this tea cosy pattern is designed to adapt to nearly any tea pot. Take the two tea pots below – one short and fat, the other tall and blocky.

Both are a little too small for the average tea cosy pattern, being 2-3 cup pots. But the Perfect Fit Tea Cosy pattern is easily adapted to both.

The ribbing stretches to accommodate wider areas, while also pulling the tea cosy in where needed, ensuring a snug fit.

The pattern includes a calculation to create a Perfect Fit Tea Cosy and detailed photos to help you along with the pattern. The pattern is written for 8-ply yarn, but there is advice on how to easily adapt the pattern for another ply.

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 8ply
Needles 4mm
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Hipster Hat

IMG_0838 (1180x787)

This pattern is super easy, super quick and super warm! It’s written for an 8ply yarn worked double, but you could easily substitute a 14ply.

Ravelry Link Hipster Hat

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 8ply or 14ply
Yarn Quantity 250m (8ply) 0r 175m (14ply)
Needles 6mm & 8mm
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