Mamie Clutch

After giving my blog a whole new look, I decided it was time to give something else a makeover – the Mamie Clutch pattern.

Mamie was my very first knitting pattern, published two and a half years ago, and I’ve learnt an awful lot since then – mostly about photography! Every time I went on my projects page on Ravelry, the Mamie clutch photo made me flinch. As I also needed a small clutch, I decided it was time for a revamp. Continue reading

Fisk Hat Pattern

The Fisk Hat takes the fish motif featured in the Board Game Cuffs and turns it into a beanie. With a school of fish chasing each other around the brim and a wide lace band that reminds me of Scandinavian ski hats, it felt only natural to call this hat ‘Fisk’ – the Norwegian word for fish.

I’m super-excited to be able to release this pattern to coincide with Hyenas in Petticoats opening! For the Fisk Hat, I used the Worsted Superwash Merino. With a definite twist to the yarn, it’s ideal for showing off the lace work on the brim. You can see the gorgeous range of colours here.

Pattern Details
Skill Level Intermediate
Yarn Type 10ply
Needles 4.5mm
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Easy Peasy Tea Lights


Looking for a cute, simple pattern for tea light covers? You’ve found it!

Strangely enough, this pattern originated in the supermarket. I was attempting to find all the ingredients I needed to make the delicious HFG Chocolate Brownies and was hunting down some apple purée. A thorough search of the sauces, soups, and so on aisle revealed none, or a least none that didn’t have heaps of additional sugar (completely defeating the point of this low-sugar recipe). I did another search to double check, but there was none to be found. Then I remembered a friend who used to use baby food to make apple sauce for her pork roasts. Three aisles down, the baby food selection did reveal pure apple purée – but only in 110g jars. And I needed a whole cup. But I really wanted to make the brownies, so four little jars were popped into my basket.

Once the brownie was made, devoured, and much complimented, I couldn’t bear to throw away the cute little jars and thus the Easy Peasy Tea Light pattern was born. It’s incredibly simple, requiring knowledge of only four easy stitches, very little shaping, and a construction that makes nigh impossible to make an ill-fitting tea light cover!

To download pattern: Easy Peasy Tea Lights

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type Any
Yarn Quantity Scraps
Hook Any
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Playin’ Games Cuffs

PG3Need a last minute knit? Try these cute little cuffs!

Many patterns have beautiful, inspiring stories of how they came to be. These don’t.

One night whilst out drinking with my workmates, one of the guys insisted that I knit him something. Anything, he said, even something small, small like…like a cuff! Yes, he demanded, knit me a cuff. And, being a few five dollar vodkas down (don’t judge me), I agreed. The next day, fuelled by the challenge of somehow knitting a ‘manly’ cuff, I designed a cuff with a moss stitch border and a small cable. Knitting on a tight gauge in a variegated blue and grey yarn, it looked pretty manly and stylish, even if I do say so myself. The workmate thought so too. So I decided to make some more….

Playin' Games Cuffs2

This e-book includes three different cuff patterns: ‘Checkerboard’. ‘Snakes & Ladders’, and ‘Go Fish!’. Each uses different techniques and are ideal for practising new stitches and combinations. The yarn you use depends entirely on the look you want your cuffs to have. Silk blends – like the Grignasco Champagne used in the sample – give a sleek, defined look, while the softer yarns like merino will convey a cuter look.

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 4ply
Needles 2.5mm
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Perfect Fit Tea Cosy

Many tea cosy patterns are made for one size of tea pot – generally large, eight cups at least. But teapots come in many sizes and shapes (just like people!), so this tea cosy pattern is designed to adapt to nearly any tea pot. Take the two tea pots below – one short and fat, the other tall and blocky.

Both are a little too small for the average tea cosy pattern, being 2-3 cup pots. But the Perfect Fit Tea Cosy pattern is easily adapted to both.

The ribbing stretches to accommodate wider areas, while also pulling the tea cosy in where needed, ensuring a snug fit.

The pattern includes a calculation to create a Perfect Fit Tea Cosy and detailed photos to help you along with the pattern. The pattern is written for 8-ply yarn, but there is advice on how to easily adapt the pattern for another ply.

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 8ply
Needles 4mm
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Laptop Clutch

Laptop ClutchA quick and easy project, this laptop composed mostly of single crochets. Made with the yarn held triple, it creates a nice, thick cover for the laptop. Written for a fairly large laptop (about 38 x 26 x 30mm), but easily adjustable to other sizes.

To download pattern: Laptop Clutch

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 8ply – acrylic or cotton blend
Yarn Quantity 700m
Hook 8mm
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Hipster Hat

IMG_0838 (1180x787)

This pattern is super easy, super quick and super warm! It’s written for an 8ply yarn worked double, but you could easily substitute a 14ply.

Ravelry Link Hipster Hat

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 8ply or 14ply
Yarn Quantity 250m (8ply) 0r 175m (14ply)
Needles 6mm & 8mm
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Puppy Santa Hat

A quick knit using left over yarn, the Puppy Santa Hat is the perfect prop for Christmas photos or a present for a dog-lover. The brim and pom pom are made in 8ply yarn, giving them a bit of bulk, while the body of the hat is knit in 4ply, allowing the hat to flop nicely. Easily adapted to any size of dog.

To download pattern: Puppy Santa Hat

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type Scraps of 4ply red and 8ply white
Needles 3.5mm
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