FO: Otis Socks


These were so much fun. This is the third pattern I’ve knit from Coop Knits Socks Volume 2 and they certainly won’t be the last! The instructions are always super-clear, the fit is great (my Dave socks are my favourite comfy hiking socks) and the patterns are just so pretty! Continue reading

{out&about} Red Hill Knitted Graffiti

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I recently moved to Melbourne in search of excitement and inspiration and I haven’t been disappointed yet! On my first weekend here, my friends took me on a trip down the Mornington Peninsula, where we visited the Red Hill Cellar and Pantry. Most people would probably visit for the food and drinks – the range is amazing, with lots of local produce and an enormous cheese cabinet. But the highlight for me was the knitted graffiti that was scattered about the place. An enthusiastic local or employer had decorated several of the trees, chairs and even some of the wine bottles inside with crochet decorations. Here’s a selection of the best pieces….

Travel Jewellery Cases

Introducing my latest product: Travel Jewellery Cases!

These cases came about when my sister asked me to make her one for a friend’s birthday. Her friend has family in England and often goes back for a visit, carrying half a ton of jewellery with her and purchasing about another half a ton over the course of her holiday. My sister therefore thought an ideal present would be something to keep all this loot safe – and looking good too! I liked the idea so much, I’ve run with it and am now offering them on my Felt Shop.

The case folds up so it can fit into nearly any suitcase or handbag. Once unfolded, it offers easy access to all your securely-held jewellery. A zip pocket holds earrings, while two smaller pockets have space for hair pins and ties. In the middle is a ring-holder, secured at one end with a dome. At the back, is a large pocket for necklaces and a line to clip them onto to prevent them slipping down and becoming tangled.

The Jewellery Travel Cases come in a variety of patterns and colours and retail at NZ$30. If you would like one made in a particular fabric or colour, please drop me an email at –  I’d be happy to make one up for you in a jiffy! Or you can pick up a ready-made one from my Felt shop, simply click on the links below.

Travel Jewellery Case

Travel Jewellery Case

Travel Jewellery Case

Travel Jewellery Case

New Stockist: Crafty Knitwits

It is with great excitement that I can announce Rosalind Craft Supplies are now stocked at Crafty Knitwits in Milford on Auckland’s North Shore.

Crafty Knitwits is a darling wee store, packed to the brim with supplies for knitting, crocheting, embroidering, quilting, and sewing. When I dropped off stock on Saturday, Kerry was helping a customer with a knitting technique, as she has been on many of my previous visits. They’re always willing to help, their range of wool is astounding for such a small space and – best of all – they stock Addi Turbo circular knitting needles, one of very few places in New Zealand to do so.

So if you’re on the Shore, pop in for a look and a chat. And if you can’t, you can still get Rosalind Craft Supplies goodies from my Felt store.

Rosalind Craft Supplies is now live!

Rosalind Craft Supplies is now live on Felt, New Zealand’s best online craft market.

The first set of products are all about helping knitters and crocheters get organised. There’s organisers for crochet hooks, circular needles and straight needles in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns. Or, if you’d like to order in another colour or pattern, just send me an email.

Circular Needle Organiser
This circular needle organiser means no more tangled needles – and you’ll always being able to find the right one. Fits 18 circular needles, two in each pocket.



Crochet Hook Organiser
Always have your hooks handy with this crochet hook organiser. Fits 12 hooks up to size 7mm  or 24 hooks size 3.5mm and below.




Straight Needle Organiser
Keep your needles altogether in one place with this straight needle roll, which stores neatly away. Fits up to 19 pairs of needles, from 2mm through to 7mm.