Easy Peasy Tea Lights


Looking for a cute, simple pattern for tea light covers? You’ve found it!

Strangely enough, this pattern originated in the supermarket. I was attempting to find all the ingredients I needed to make the delicious HFG Chocolate Brownies and was hunting down some apple purée. A thorough search of the sauces, soups, and so on aisle revealed none, or a least none that didn’t have heaps of additional sugar (completely defeating the point of this low-sugar recipe). I did another search to double check, but there was none to be found. Then I remembered a friend who used to use baby food to make apple sauce for her pork roasts. Three aisles down, the baby food selection did reveal pure apple purée – but only in 110g jars. And I needed a whole cup. But I really wanted to make the brownies, so four little jars were popped into my basket.

Once the brownie was made, devoured, and much complimented, I couldn’t bear to throw away the cute little jars and thus the Easy Peasy Tea Light pattern was born. It’s incredibly simple, requiring knowledge of only four easy stitches, very little shaping, and a construction that makes nigh impossible to make an ill-fitting tea light cover!

To download pattern: Easy Peasy Tea Lights

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type Any
Yarn Quantity Scraps
Hook Any
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Laptop Clutch

Laptop ClutchA quick and easy project, this laptop composed mostly of single crochets. Made with the yarn held triple, it creates a nice, thick cover for the laptop. Written for a fairly large laptop (about 38 x 26 x 30mm), but easily adjustable to other sizes.

To download pattern: Laptop Clutch

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 8ply – acrylic or cotton blend
Yarn Quantity 700m
Hook 8mm
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