Playin’ Games Cuffs

PG3Need a last minute knit? Try these cute little cuffs!

Many patterns have beautiful, inspiring stories of how they came to be. These don’t.

One night whilst out drinking with my workmates, one of the guys insisted that I knit him something. Anything, he said, even something small, small like…like a cuff! Yes, he demanded, knit me a cuff. And, being a few five dollar vodkas down (don’t judge me), I agreed. The next day, fuelled by the challenge of somehow knitting a ‘manly’ cuff, I designed a cuff with a moss stitch border and a small cable. Knitting on a tight gauge in a variegated blue and grey yarn, it looked pretty manly and stylish, even if I do say so myself. The workmate thought so too. So I decided to make some more….

Playin' Games Cuffs2

This e-book includes three different cuff patterns: ‘Checkerboard’. ‘Snakes & Ladders’, and ‘Go Fish!’. Each uses different techniques and are ideal for practising new stitches and combinations. The yarn you use depends entirely on the look you want your cuffs to have. Silk blends – like the Grignasco Champagne used in the sample – give a sleek, defined look, while the softer yarns like merino will convey a cuter look.

Pattern Details
Skill Level Beginner
Yarn Type 4ply
Needles 2.5mm
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