New Year | New Theme


Each year, rather than making a New Years Resolution (which will inevitably be broken within two weeks) I set a knitting theme for the year. Themes are flexible and open to re-interpretation and basically just more fun.

Last year’s theme was Cold Sheeping; that is, not buying yarn. With a return to studentville, funds were tight and I had plenty of yarn anyway. Being a theme, rather than a resolution, I did make a few purchases: yarn for my Nut Hap, a baby present for a friend and various Christmas presents. But, by and large, I knitted from my stash and it’s now looking considerably smaller.

This year, my theme is ‘Books’. I have quite a few¬†knitting (and sewing and craft) books and I feel like I really don’t use them enough. At least two I have lugged half way around the world and barely opened. Some are pattern books and others are historical. So this year I’m going to try and make sure I use them, whether for patterns, inspiration or education.

Below are my craft book intermingled with a few other titles. Are there any that catch your eye? Any you’d like to know more about?

Happy New Year!