Giveaway on Ramble & Make

WARNING: Shameless promotion of one of my other websites is about to take place – but, hey, you could win something cool!

Ramble & Make is having a giveaway at the moment of three Ramblers Cases.

What’s a Ramblers Case?

Well, I’m glad you asked. A Ramblers Case is like a crafters’ toolbox. It carries all of those little essential items you need while crafting, like scissors, tape measure, needles, and assorted other useful tools. I designed one for myself when I went to the UK last year – it’s small enough that it limits what you can take to only the things you really need, preventing the inevitable collection of stuff that occurs in every knitting and sewing bag. But it’s also large enough for Just What You Need.

All you need to do to enter is get involved with Ramble &┬áMake – post a review, suggest a shop or send in a photo and you’ll be in the draw! For full details, head to the competition page.