Model Bodies

One of the best things about knitting for yourself is that you can make the clothes fit your unique shape – and not only that, but the knitting world provides much inspiration to do so!

With many designers using their own or their friends’ figures to display the garments in photos, it actually feels a little odd when you come across (what I’m going to call for lack of a better expression) a conventional model. I didn’t realise this until I was browsing the new Kate Hargreaves collection. The models used are slim, there’s no denying it, and many of the poses seemed designed to emphasise this.

Furthermore, they were, well, featureless. A lack of busts, bums, and bulk is traditionally used in fashion so as not to distract from the clothes, but it made this shoot feel, well, characterless. I didn’t feel connected with any of the patterns because I couldn’t see myself wearing any of them. I didn’t want to ‘be’ these girls and, through wearing their clothes, emulate their (supposed awesome) lives.

And at that moment I felt overwhelmingly grateful for Ravelry and its project pages. These pages, filled as they are with real people, real figures, and real personalities, provide more than just inspiration – they encourage you to express and dress yourself however you wish.