Little Dipper Yarns

I love being part of a supportive craft community. It’s not just the receiving of support that feels good; the giving also feels great.

When fellow Richmond Knitter Ursula Smith decided to take her yarn dying to the next level and set up Little Dipper Yarns, she had the full support of our knitting group. Whether it was expert advice on Photoshop, feedback on pricing, or merely encouragement, we all chipped in. And the absolute most enjoyable way we contributed was to buy some of her gorgeous yarn and knit with it!


This is Little Oak in Little Dipper Yarns’ sock yarn, Boötes. The colourway is Latte, the perfect match for this pattern. I’d like to say I was behind this perfect pattern-yarn match, but I unashamedly copied one that Ursula made – she really has an eye for colour. Latte has just enough variegation to make the stocking stitch interesting, but not too much to distract from the pattern of intertwining oaks. Like all of Ursula’s colourways, it has a beautiful depth to it. And the yarn itself, a Blue Faced Lester-nylon mix, is also beautiful, with a gorgeous twist.


The Richmond Knitter have known about Ursula’s yarn for a while now and one of the (many) reasons we love it is the variety of ‘man’ colours. From hats to socks, it’s often had to find a yarn that is an acceptable colour (i.e. blue, green, black) that doesn’t bore the pants off the knitter. The Little Dipper Yarns more than meet this challenge , with stormy navies, dark conifer greens, and slate wall greys.

For those who are more adventurous with their colour choices, there’s a stunning selection of yellow, purple and pink. All too often, when Ursula pulls out her recent dying achievements, these jewels have been snatched up, declared possession of, or hidden away in handbags whilst innocence of their whereabouts professed.

To view the Little Dipper Yarns and experience them for yourself, you can visit the Little Dipper Yarn’s Etsy store or Ursula’s stall at the Hand Knitter’s Guild Yarn & Craft Market.


My Latte Oak (geddit?) has been Ravelled here.